Once I got an assignment I wasn’t keen on, I’ve chosen to go a different route and pay a writing service to do it.

To my surprise, there were a lot of them around, picking a single one was quite the challenge.

I decided to try my luck with a service simply called “Essay Help,” what a fitting name. It seemed fine for what I needed, to get help online and buy an essay. That assignment was for history class, topic – “Legacy of Confucius.”

Anyway, after I was done with my order, I felt like it was a good idea to leave a comment on the entire experience. You can call it a review, but I’ll call it a personal testimonial.
essayhelp Reliable

Visual Component of the Service

It’s not like I know anything about visual design, but once I landed on the main page, it initially seemed like there was nothing wrong with it. But then, I’ve noticed some awkwardly worded sentences and misspelled words on a site. Real quality, if I ever saw it. Is that how legit sites inspire confidence?

The main page itself isn’t hard to navigate and browse, but something just seems wrong, can’t put my finger on it.

The Main Feature Set

The three most important advertised features are:

  • Great user satisfaction, but more on that later.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Confidentiality and Anti-Plagiarism measures.

All are true hallmarks of a reliable service.


The e-mail address of the support team is right there on the main page, but I was surprised to discover there was no live chat. Urgent orders would have to go through e-mail.
essayhelp Reliable


More about prices. According to the service, the bar is set at an affordable rate of $7.5 per page (each page equals to 275 words). The rate for my order was $13.35 per page, though. The total price I paid seemed adequately cheap to me at the time, and I found no promo code or discount offers.

If you’re a student who’s strapped for cash, finding a cheap writing company is vital.

Writers and Their Qualifications

Thankfully, there was a dedicated “writers” tab on the site. I was able to discover some of the top-rated writers and read through some testimonials about their recent works.

I liked how transparent the service is with their user reviews.

According to the FAQ section on the site, academic writers are hired from both English and non-English speaking countries, but if you want to pinpoint a specific writer’s location, you’ll have to ask them yourself. They should be able to take care of college assignments and papers, by the looks of it.
Essayhelp Legit


Now let’s move onto the heart of this review, the finished paper. I wasn’t the happiest person in the world when I got my essay.

There were problems with consistency; it almost seemed like that essay was just a few separate paragraphs with no cohesion tying them together. It was good enough for me to edit, so I decided to confirm it and move on.

Every customer is encouraged to leave a comment on the writer profile upon completion of the order, and according to the service, testimonial count was over 100 thousand at the time of writing. The person doing your order writes his comment on their client as well.

I was abused by the writer for leaving a 7 instead of 10. I believed it was more than generous, but instead of actually doing a professional job on the paper, the writer decided to insult me for “misrepresentation.”

Perhaps these kinds of instances are few and far between, and I was merely unlucky. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to use this service or not.

Due to many negative aspects, I can not recommend you, so you can use other more reliable writing service:

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