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Last week, my teacher handed us all an extra marks history essay. If we managed to score a good grade, we were to be given 10 additional points, if not, then 10 points were to be deducted from our score as we wasted the teachers time. since I do not like history class much I was not doing quite well in the subject, so, I thought of taking a chance of improving my grade.

Since I do not like that subject, I did not even bother starting to write the essay on my own. As soon as I got home, I searched online for online essay writing companies. I came across After exploring the website, it seemed pretty good and decent, as it said that they had a 95% claim on papers. It was famous for writing original, non-plagiarized academic papers and had on team the best writers in town. Their website assured me of the following:

  • Highly Professional Writers
  • Financial guarantees
  • High Quality
  • 100% Original Papers
  • Any Complexity
  • Full Confidentiality
  • Quick Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • Moneyback Guarantee

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Prices when I checked were affordable and quite low. Considering all the praises, the company was charging low for the services that they were providing. Since I had limited income I signed up for the service, moreover, I was getting my essay in 5 hours and could also ask for revisions. Must be because of that they didn’t offer any promo code or discount.

Live Chat

I signed up for live chat and spoke to a person named Josh. Josh was a nice guy, he helped me in the process of signing up for their website. I asked him regarding the authenticity of the website and he was all praises; this reaffirmed my thoughts about the website and I willingly signed up for it. I also asked him a couple of other questions which he patiently answered. He was very helpful throughout.

Customers’ Feedback

I then ventured on to read customers testimonials and was amazed at the words used. They were all praises. Not even one negative review. Also, every testimonial praised the efficient and smooth service and on time delivery. I could see me finally getting through history class now. From these testimonials, talking to Josh, surfing on the website and scrolling I learnt that writers were very talented indeed. They were college grads, post grads and a few high school students too.

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Ordering Process

After signing up on the website, I submitted my task and in Special Instructions clearly wrote all that I wanted in my paper. I knew my teacher very well, so I knew the type of things she would like in my paper. I also specified that including these things was a must and opted for delivery in 5 hours. It felt like a big burden had been taken off my shoulders.

I waited patiently until a little more than 5 hours had passed and emailed on the address given to ask about my paper. I got a reply that my paper is in progress and will be available in another hour. I took it calmly and waited. When I got the email, I was appalled to see the content, structure, wording, tenses, phrases, spelling and punctuation.


It gave off a feeling like I had asked my 4-year-old brother to write an essay for me. It was a disaster. It looked like all over the place, no flow, incorrect English and worst of all, not a single point of special instructions was accounted for. I emailed them back and asked for a revision straight away in two hours. I got an apology and was confirmed another essay in two hours.
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What I got after two hours was the exact same thing again. It seemed like the writer sat on the essay for two hours and simply forwarded it again. There were no changes whatsoever. I emailed them back again to check and asked for a revision. This time they first asked me to pay them extra for a second revision along with a day minimum for the revision. Since I was already short of time and had to submit my essay the next day in class I was stuck.

There was no other option but for me to sit down and rewrite the entire essay again. I did not sleep that night because I was awake fixing my essay for which I had paid someone but the money went down the drain. I worked hard, read up and in the morning submitted my essay. I won’t tell my grade but I would say I passed History entirely on my own.

Due to many negative aspects, I can not recommend you, so you can use other more reliable writing service:

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