So the unthinkable happened, I had to use a writing service to complete an assignment that was due shortly. The topic was «Rene Descartes and His Theory of Mind,» not the biggest philosophy fan.

I was forced to look into writing services because it had to be done – the deadline was nearing at an alarming rate.

Procrastination is a crippling trait, and I am sure most of us were indifferent towards a certain topic.

Never quite found writing papers to be a good pastime, they are a chore. But an important one when the goal is to pass the class. is a very conspicuous name for a web-site. After reading some polarizing user reviews, I still decided to try my luck and went with their service.

Paperduenow Reviews


First impressions

I was met with a simple looking main page. I began to explore what they have on offer. The ominous presence of my deadline was good at stimulating that.

It had the luxury of having the UK and US toll-free hotlines, but that didn’t work for me since those are not Canadian. This was not a significant detriment since ordering online is the norm nowadays.

A few traditional payment methods were included, and the appearance of PayPal is a convenient inclusion, I’d say.

There is also an extensive FAQ section; I made sure to look through it.

Functionality and ordering flexibility

Price begins at $9.97 per page, the website is very particular about stating that.

It is possible to order on the main page itself as well; the drop down list has types of work the service can perform and it is impressive: an assortment of essays, dissertations, editing/proofreading, help with formal admissions and homework to name a few.

The amount of choice present here made me hopeful I would get my assignment done and turned in at a somewhat presentable timeframe. So I dug deeper.

Tasks are grouped into three educational levels: Undergrad, Bachelor and Pro with the deadlines ranging from 3 hours to 14 days.

Most importantly, a refund policy is in place. If you are unsure about the service as I was initially, you at least get some wiggle room to back out with minimal losses.

Plagiarism is also a legit concern.

Upon further inspection, this service does not employ TurnItIn for a reason, since it saves all the uploaded documents on public servers, so when your professor decides to cross-check the paper for plagiarism it shows up as completely identical. uses WebCheck as their anti-plagiarism tool. It apparently scans documents and does not upload them to any databases. This way it is guaranteed the paper won’t show up as plagiarised when it gets checked for borrowed content.

Among other things, there was:

  • An option to track orders and communicate directly with writers.
  • Privacy policy that gathers personal information (phone number, email and a copy of a national ID, to be precise. Canada’s ID works fine for this.)

Overall impressions

Forgot to mention, they offer three revisions for complete tasks.

Only had to use the revision option once, because there were a few poorly worded phrases and citations looked a bit wonky for my taste.

Customer support was responsive in relaying my thoughts on the paper directly to the writer.

The client support team seems to operate in real-time, so I assume getting a consultation is not a challenging task for anyone. Phone, email or chat are all present as options too.

I had no major complaints regarding their service.

I got a passing grade and had enough time to finish other assignments in the meantime. I didn’t expect genius levels of writing. It is important that I went in with grounded expectations, and you should too.

Due to many negative aspects, I can not recommend you, so you can use other more reliable writing service:

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